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    06 August 2015 - Category: Patient Communication
    » Dental and Orthodontics Posters
    Dental and Orthodontics Posters, adult orthodontics
    08 July 2015 - Category: Mini-implants in Orthodontics
    » Reasons for mini-implants failure: choosing installation site should be valued!
    Mini-implant loss is often associated with physical and mechanical aspects that result from choosing an inappropriate placement site...
    25 June 2015 - Category: Open Bite - Deep Bite
    » Long Face Syndrome- pdf
    Long face syndrome, also referred to as skeletal open bite is a condition generally caused by childhood mouth breathing. However, a decreased airway size due to edema, an obstruction or genetics are other contributing factors. If the cause is mouth breathing...
    PALMER Briand
    25 June 2015 - Category: Periodontics
    » The treatment of combined periodontal endodontic lesions- pdf
    Treatment decision-making and prognosis depend primarily on the diagnosis of the specific endodontic and/or periodontal disease. The main factors to consider are pulp vitality and type and extent of the periodontal defect...
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